Hi! I'm Jennifer

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Hi! I'm Jenn.

My husband, Byron, and I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania. I had a long career in the medical field most of my life, and Byron had a career in sales.


When my husband and I became young and empty-nesters, we traveled a bit and ended up here in Myrtle Beach.

Then the Pandemic hit in 2020. I realized our services were needed more than ever. Many seniors in our neighborhood were afraid to go outside to walk their dogs. Then, when everyone returned to work, our pets, who were used to being home, suffered from separation anxiety.

I believe that having one or two dedicated people visiting your pet while you're away is essential for building trust and helping pets feel calm and happy when they know their friend is coming to play with them while mom and dad are away.

Since I work from home as a copywriter, my flexible schedule allows me to care for your pets on your time. My husband helps out when I ask, especially with bigger dogs who might be hard to walk.


For this reason, we only accept new clients within a 10-minute drive from my home. This ensures I get to all of my pet visits on time.

My Pet Journey

Little White Puppy

One sunny day a little white pup was playing in a barn with her tiny siblings. We scooped her up from the hay and fell in love with her little button face. Aysa (ace-ah) our Bichon Frise is now 13 years old and the love of our lives.

Along Came Nina

A few years later, we adopted Aysa's cousin Nina, a German Spitz, from our daughter when she and her husband moved to Hawai'i with the ARMY.

Volunteering for Good

While volunteering at a fundraiser for displaced pets in Greenville, South Carolina, my husband and I were asked to help market for the shelter. We gladly accepted and spent the next year living near the rescue recruiting volunteers and assisting with adoptions. We helped care for 50 cats and over 20 dogs consistently. Many of them were adopted, some brought back to the shelter and some never left. All of them are part of our pet family forever.


Our Growing Pet Family 

When we moved back to Myrtle Beach, I started walking dogs for our senior neighbors. By word-of-mouth, I started gaining more and more furry friends. Now our pet family has grown beyond what we thought was possible.