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Rainy Day Policy


When it Rains, Dogs Still Need to Potty

If the weather looks a bit stormy or the forecast is calling for high winds, hurricanes, snow or any other severe weather, we will call the pet parent to talk about their immediate needs. 



If you will not be in the area during a hurricane, I can bring your pets to our home. If we have to evacuate the area I will take them with us. This is a very scary time but rest assured we will keep in contact constantly. If you've hired me to do several drop-in visits while you're out of town and a category one or two hurricane is eminent, I can stay with them at your home as long as it's safe. In the event that I am not able to get in touch with you, I will use my best judgement in caring for your pets. Rest assured, I will never leave them alone and scared.


Depending on the amount of rain coming down, a quick drop in may be in order. However, if it's a drizzle and the pet parent agrees, we will still walk your dog. If your dog has a raincoat, we will put it on them and take cute pictures :) Afterward, we will towel off your pet and wipe all paws.