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Day Trips & Nights Out


Are you heading out for fun in the sun or seeing a show? We've got a plan for that!

Free Meet Up

During your free meet-up, we will review their routine, likes, dislikes, and quirks. Exercise may include walks, yard play, indoor play, and naps. I will do my best to encourage favorite play activities and cuddle time, medication administration, fresh water, treats, and feedings.


Go Out and Explore

We appreciate you scheduling multiple consecutive hours, so we discount our hourly rate to $30 for the first hour of care and $25 for every hour thereafter. This price includes up to 2 extra pets from the same family as long as the visit is on the property. Includes walks.

Day & Night Combo Package

Do you have plans for daytime fun and a nice dinner out in the evening? Enjoy a 5% discount on your second booking of 2 hours or more on the same day.

Friends and Family  

Going out with family and friends, and they have pets too? Combine all pets in one host household for a fun pet party! Each family receives a 10% discount on Day or Night Out rates for their respective pets. All pets must already know each other and get along well.


Need Overnight Care

Please check out our Multi-Family Overnight Package Option if you and your family or friends are going out of town for overnights and would like to combine all pets in one host house.

Extending Your Trip

Please note that if you want to stay out longer than the original booking, please communicate with your sitter, we will make every effort to accommodate your request, but it may not be possible for your sitter to stay if they have a previous booking that is not flexible.

Cancellation Policy

The client will receive a full refund if they cancel before the visit begins. However, no refund will be given if the visit start time has passed and/or the client and/or client's pet(s) were not home upon the sitter's arrival.

Also, please check our Holiday Rates if booking any service over a holiday.