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Overnight Stays

Overnight Stays

Besides being responsible for your pets, we include walks and indoor plant care, mail picks up, yard clean-up, garbage/recycling out to the curb and back, activating and deactivating alarms, and peace of mind that your home and pets are safe. You can also purchase additional Add-on Services if you wish. An Overnight Stay costs $125 per 24 hours except when Holiday Rates apply.

Change Requests for Overnights

If a client simply wants to change the dates for their Overnight Stay booking, and it's for the same number of days or more, they wouldn't incur a cancellation fee if more than 24-hour notice is given contingent upon the availability of the dates and/or if the sitter is not otherwise booked for the new dates requested. Otherwise, the above policy will apply.

Last Day Charges for Overnights

An Overnight Stay begins at an agreed-upon time on the First Visit Day. Suppose a client must stay past the 24-hour end time on the Last Visit Day. In that case, a fee of $10 per hour will begin accruing for each additional hour needed until the sitter can leave per your arrival home or by contacting the sitter and letting them know it is all right to leave at a particular time.

Alternatively, the sitter can leave at the end of the 24 hours on the Last Visit Day, and the client can choose to book additional drop-in visits or walks later the same day.


Why Would This Delay Happen

This often happens when a client's plane arrives later than the start time on the first day. This also means the sitter cannot schedule another Overnight Visit starting this day and may miss out on booking a week (or more) overnight pet sitting job.

If the client arrives home earlier on the Last Visit Day than the start time on the First Visit Day, No adjustments are made as flight delays and cancellations cannot be predicted, and no other Overnight clients can be booked on this day. 

Cancellations & Refunds for Overnights


Overnight bookings must be paid at the time of the request, and the following will apply


The client will receive a full refund if they cancel by noon one week (7 days) before the booking begins. If the client cancels later than noon one week before the booking begins, they’ll receive a 50% refund for the first 7 days of the booking and a 100% refund for any days after that. 

Once the booking begins, the client is responsible for the entire cost of the booked visit, and no refunds will be given for any part of the trip. 

Multiple Family Vacations

If more than one family decides to vacation together or will be away simultaneously, we can sit both dogs at one residence. Please see our Multiple Family Overnights Option for more details.

​​Note: All times are based on the Eastern Standard time zone