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Dog Walking


Policy Options & Pricing

Dog Walking

Dog walking is done in your neighborhood by themselves or with their siblings. We will go over how your dog reacts to certain stimuli and the best way to keep them calm and focused. I'll do my best to keep to your dog's favorite paths. Water breaks, potty breaks, and playtime if safe and available. 


During your dog's walk, they’ll get plenty of exercise and individual loving attention. You’ll get a daily potty report along with some pretty great photos. Plus, we always take care of any feeding, water refreshing or clean-up that may be needed.

What We Won't Do

We won't walk dogs in groups with other people's dogs.


We also won't take dogs to dog parks because of the uncertainty of other dogs' behaviors. Even though your dog may be used to going to the dog park, we cannot be responsible for any new aggressive dog that may come in to the park.

For the safety of our walkers, we won't take any aggressive dog of any breed, in or outside the home.


We won't walk dogs who pull on the leash excessively when they are triggered by another dog, human or animal as it's not safe for the walker to be pulled.

Cancellation Policy

The client will receive a full refund if they cancel before the booking begins. However, if the visit start time has passed and/or the client and/or client's pet(s) were not home upon the sitter's arrival, no refund will be given.


Additional Pets

There is a $3 additional dog fee for these types of visits. 


Holiday Rates

Also, please be sure to check our Holiday Rates if booking any service over a holiday.


30-minute visit

45-minute visit

60-minute visit

Single Visit

$23 / per visit

$27 / per visit

$36 / per visit


$22 / per visit

$26/ per visit

$35 / per visit


$21 / per visit

$25 / per visit

$34/ per visit