A Puppy Playing with a Toy

Drop-in Visit Policy & Pricing

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Last Modified 12/1/2021

Drop-in Visits are social and playful with lots of interaction. Being social animals, most pets love to meet and interact with new faces. It also helps them to develop their social skills and having something to look forward to is good for your pet's mental health overall.

Each pet sitting visit includes a combination of the following services based on you and your pet’s needs:

• Playtime in your yard with favorite toys and activities
• In home accident check and clean up as needed
• Feeding, treats and refreshing water
• Litter box maintenance
• Clean and refresh cages or bedding of birds, bunnies or other small furry pets
• Medication administration


Cancellation Policy

The client will receive a full refund if they cancel before the booking begins. However, if the visit start time has passed and/or the client and/or client's pet(s) were not home upon the sitter's arrival, no refund will be given. 

Additional Pets

There is a $2 additional dog fee and a $1 additional cat fee for this type of visit.

Holiday Rates

Also, please be sure to check our Holiday Rates if booking any service over a holiday.


30-minute visit

45-minute visit

60-minute visit

Single Visit

$25 / per visit

$29 / per visit

$38 / per visit


$24 / per visit

$28 / per visit

$37/ per visit


$23 / per visit

$27 / per visit

$36 / per visit