Home Entry Policy

Lock Box

We recommend all clients provide a key combination lock box on your property. We recommend that you place your lock box at a side or back entry or other area that is not visible from the street. Please make sure lockbox can be safely accessed during snowy/icy weather. Please set the code once so I will only have to remember one code especially for my regular pets.

Garage Door Opener

Some clients choose to leave a garage door opener outside hidden from view. This option gives extra protection to cats or dogs who like to run out the door. Once the garage door is open, I wait until it closes completely until opening the inside door to enter the home. Some clients opt to have a key to the inside door hidden nearby which is fine. I'll put the key back in it's place before leaving. Other clients just leave the inside door unlocked. 

If I'm scheduled to do multiple day visits while a client is out of town, I usually take the garage door opener home with me and re-hide it on the last visit. 

Keypad Entry

A lot of homes today come with a keypad entry system where the client can add a special code to their own keypad on days when I'm scheduled for a visit. 


I do not accept physical keys to take home as a rule. I will, however, use a key if it's hidden nearby and return it after each visit. Please make it a point to check that the key was returned to it's hiding place when you get home or if you have cameras in the area, a record of returning the key will be on video, which is best.