All Day Stays

Enjoy your planned day out doing all the things you love. Don't worry about rushing home.

All Day Stays

Have a day trip scheduled with your friends or family? Great! I'll be glad to keep your dog and/or cat company while you're away. During your free meet up, we will go over their routine, likes, dislikes, and quirks. Exercise may include walks, yard play, indoor play, and of course, naps. I will do my best to encourage favorite play activities and cuddle time as well as medication administration, freshwater, treats, and feedings.

A flat fee of $100* covers up to 5 hours of care (that's a 28% discount off of our regular one-hour visit). After that, an $15 per hour fee is added for every additional hour with a maximum of 10 hours. After 11 hours, a $25 per hour fee incurs until the owners arrive home or the sitter is able to leave per the owner's instructions.

​​All Day Visits must begin no later than noon.

*The flat fee rate covers from start time to the first 5 hours and cannot be refunded due to the fact that no other visits could be booked within that timeframe.

Please read our Cancellation and Refund Policy under the Our Policies tab at the top of the page.