Overnight Stays

Keeping your pet's daily and nightly routine the same when you're away helps with anxiety

Overnight Stays

If you have pets that are used to, and enjoy, company in the evenings, then overnights would be a good fit. You also may have pets that need to monitored more closely due to heath problems, or are young and exuberant and need more exercise than older pets.

Staying at your home with your pet(s) has many benefits. Not only does your pet's routine stay consistent but having someone in the house reduces anxiety. Also, you'll have someone to watch your home while you're away. I will stay at your home with your pet(s) at night in whichever sleeping routine they're used to when you're home as long as they'll let me.

Unlike some pet sitter services that only do 2 or 3 quick drop-in visits during the day, I will wake up with your pets, keep their morning routine happy and consistent, and be there most if not all of the day.

During Overnight Visits, I may go to the grocery store or I might have previously scheduled pet visits such as a nearby dog walk or drop-in visit. But since I only accept pets within a 10 min radius, I won't be away long. The rest of the time I will be in your home with your pets. I usually have 0-2 additional visits scheduled.

During the initial Meetup, we will go over your pets' routine, likes, dislikes, foods, medications, and any other information that will help your pet feel safe and calm knowing their routine is being followed.

Our mission is to provide you with freedom from worry and guilt as you take the steps you need to enjoy some time exploring the world.

Overnight Stays $100 per 24-hours (Please read our Policies Page before booking any stay)