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Multi Family Overnight Option


Vacations are Better Together!

Weather you are locals leaving the area for a vacation elsewhere, or a vacationer enjoying all that Myrtle Beach has to offer, we can combine multiple pets into one discounted sitting option.


Sometimes, families want to vacation together. If all the dogs know each other and get along well, we can accommodate all pets in one host household for the duration of the multi-family vacation.

Meet and Greet

The meet and greet can be done separately or at the home of the host family. We will go over important points including, feeding schedule, sleep accommodations, medications, allergies, triggers, toy play, personalities, etc.

Friends & Family Overnights

Overnight Stays (usually for locals who are leaving the area) are regularly $115 per 24-hour stay. However, if you use the Multi Family Vacation Option, each family will receive a 5% discount on the total price.


Please read the Overnight Stay Options to see our cancellation policy and what's included during the Overnight Stays.

Myrtle Beach Vacationers - Friends & Family Discount

If two or more families are vacationing here and require multiple consecutive hour visits, please check our Day Trips & Nights Out options.

Friends and Family 

Going out with family and friends, and they have pets too? Combine pets in one host household for a fun pet party! All pets must know each other and get along well. Each family pays the Day or Night rates above for their respective pet(s). Please check out our Multi-Family Package Option.